Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Russian to a Party

The nail salon at the mall has some amazing finds! This is Russian to a Party from OPI's World Collection, Fall/Winter 2001. It is a deep burgundy that leans brown, with a nice amount of sparkle that shows up in the sunlight. I love it!
This is in full sun. You can see the base color really well. I'm diggin' the slight shimmer.

This one is in the shade.

Even in artificial light it is pretty.

With flash. Ahhh! I can't stand it. So amazing!

Ridiculously pretty. It reminds me of German-icure from the Germany Collection, Fall/Winter 2012. I was really drawn to German-icure but I ended up not buying it. I like this one so much better. It looks a little out of place on my hands because I've been wearing pastels and brights for spring. But there was no way I could wait until fall to wear it! Love. Love. Love.

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