Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Green NOTD

Last night I cleaned like a madwoman, and my amazing marble manicure got chipped. So, I had to redo them. I wanted something green so I was going for a green water marble manicure. It wasn't looking right, the colors were off and it was too dark. I tried FIVE different color combinations before giving up. At that point I was too tired to care. This afternoon I was still in a green mood, and this is what I came up with. One coat of OPI Live and Let Die from the James Bond Skyfall Collection, Holiday 2012; and one coat of Zoya Apple. I love Apple, it's sparkly and bright green, what's not to love? But, something about it looks off when I wear it by itself. It doesn't compliment my skin tone at all. It makes a neat layering polish, though. Live and Let Die is ah-may-zing. Just crazy gorgeous! It looks black in low light, but once you step outside it turns into the most beautiful dark forest green with light green and gold sparkles. Ahhhh! My favorite by far from the James Bond Collection. 

This is inside, I love how it looks textured, like moss or zombie flesh or something.

Outside in the sun. Love love love!

A blurry picture so you can see all the amazing green and gold foil sparkle.

Outside in the shade. Even here it still glows. Have I mentioned how stunning this combo is?!

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