Thursday, April 4, 2013


As much as I love Russian to a Party, I had to change up my manicure. I get bored after staring at the same polish for a few days. I decided to add two coats of OPI What Wizardry is This? from their Soft Shades 2013 Collection. WWiT is a tarnished antique-looking bronze color in their Liquid Sand formula. It seemed like the two colors would complement each other well, and I am happy with the result. It is textured, but not rough, and super sparkly! When I wear textured polish I am constantly touching my nails! This nail art design is quickly becoming my favorite. It is super easy-barely more effort than painting my nails in the conventional way.

This is in full sun. 

This is also in full sun. Look at that sparkle! Love it!

This is in the shade. I think this accurately shows the texture of the Liquid Sand.

With flash.

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