Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em

I found this polish in the sale bin at Ulta for $4.95. Score! I missed out on the Texas Collection, Spring 2011. I've heard the non-jelly polishes in the collection have a terrible formula, so I moved on and forgot about it....until yesterday. While at Ulta to pick up the two of the Bond Girls I looked in their sale bin. This was the only OPI they had that wasn't a taupe, or something I already owned. I did a little research (yay for smartphones!) and confirmed it was a jelly. Jellies are my favorite finish so I was thrilled! After testing it out I'm even happier. This was by far the best formula of any polish I've ever used. It was amazing! It was just the right consistency, covered completely in one coat, and was self leveling. I did three coats here because it looked best that way. I could have done one for sure, it was that even and shiny. I actually think using my topcoat dulled the shine a bit. 

Indoors, with no topcoat. Shiniest polish I have!


Full sun. Love this color, it is so happy and bright!

Artificial light.

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