Thursday, May 9, 2013

OPI Vesper

This is the third Bond Girls Liquid Sand I have to show you guys. It's a really interesting polish. It looks maroon in the bottle, purple at one coat, and almost black at two coats. It has tiny particles of black and white glitter. It isn't the same shiny glitter as Jinx or Solitaire, it looks more like actual pieces of sand. The texture is also grittier, which I don't mind at all. It was more difficult to work with than the other Liquid Sands. I found if I put it on too thick it was really patchy-purple with black globs. Not good! The second time I wore it (what you see here) I was meticulous with the application and it looked ten times better!

I'm positing from my phone so it's much easier to put all the pictures at the end. Love this one, it wears like a coat of cement, too!


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