Thursday, May 16, 2013

OPI Glacier Bay Blues

Glacier Bay Blues is an old black label OPI from their Canadian Collection, Fall 2004. It is discontinued, so when I found it on Amazon I had to get it. I think I paid about ten bucks. Not bad! I am completely head over heels in love with this color. It is absolutely breath taking! I thought it was a teal/purple duochrome but once I put it on I realized it's more of a dark purple, green, royal blue multichrome. Love it! The photographs show the blue and green shades accurately but try as I might I cannot capture the beauty of the purple. You have to see it in person!

The only complaint I have with this polish is the formula. Saying it was a challenge to work with would be a huge understatement. Maybe I am just used to working with the newer Three Free polishes, I don't know. But this was a watery, cuticle-flooding disaster. And it was still patchy at three coats, so I had to add a fourth. Next time I wear it I'll probably layer two coats over black. Lastly, my fast dry topcoat, which works perfectly with EVERY OTHER polish I own didn't work well with GBB. It dented easily three hours after I put it on. 

Inside, filtered sunlight.

Outside, shade.

I love the way it looks in the bottle!

Outside, full sun. The purple you see in the bottle was the best representation I could get with my camera.


This is a terrible, blurry, awful picture but I had to include it. It shows the green beautifully! Do I win an award for most awkward hand pose of all time? Arrrgggg The Claw!!!!

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