Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OPI Minnie Style and Zoya Ali

I have been so busy lately and have missed posting on my blog. I have been trying to meet a friend for lunch for three or four weeks now, and have intended to call my sister in law for I don't know how long. Each time it seems like something else pops up! I guess that's what happens when you have a ten month old who just learned to walk and wants to climb on everything. Time. I just need more of it! 

Zoya Ali is a retina-searing pink neon, and Minnie Style is a glitter with matte white hexagons and fuchsia hexagons. The first time I used it I thought the glitter was a mix of pink and red but since then I've realized it only looked  different because of the lighting. Anyway, it goes with a lot of the polishes I own and I love the versatility. Ali never translates well in photographs, it's one of those colors you need to see in real life. I love how bright it is, but sometimes it's almost blinding. Adding the glitter toned it down a notch.




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